micul dictator arata fata adevarata a unor politruci cum ar fi: Laszlo Borbely, Gyorgy Ervin, Emil hop poc Boc, Marcel Hoara (Bocul de la Gorj, pixuletele topi-top, ciumpilica-tiriplica, politicianul de matineu), Attila Korodi, Livache Negoita, George Scripcaru, Raduly Robert, Antal Arpad, Sorin Oprescu, Virginia Stefanica, Nicolae Nemirschi, Radu Mazare etc

sâmbătă, 27 februarie 2010

Bucharest, the small Paris of the East

Bucharest, Little Paris from the est

Bucharest, the small Paris of the East

"Bucharest is a creation of our own nation, it expresses our originality, it is what were able to do(...) By its own vitality, Bucharest has managed to impose itself as a unique Capital, that had received all the attentive care of some great personalities we have not fully understood, to show then the gratitude they deserved" Nicolae Iorga "The History of Bucharest", 1939

A walk in time, on the streets and boulevards of this beautiful town, by the end of the nineteenth century - under the vaults of the boarding trees, so pleasantly shady during the summer heat - will lead us through a town that is no more and which fully deserved its name. We shall observe the French influence on some city squares with radical streets or we shall reach streets flooded with vegetation. We shall admire monuments, and we shall try to make revive the atmosphere of the last century; we shall notice its changes and evolution (...)

Details and photos from: http://museum.ici.ro/mbucur/english/micparis.htm

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