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joi, 4 martie 2010

Most affordable SUV - Dacia Duster sets world record

GENEVA, Switzerland -- The mid-sized Dacia Duster 4×4 (measuring in at 4.31m long x 1.82m wide) has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and will be available in 4×2 (for $16,200 or 11,900 Euros) and 4×4 specification (for $18,390 or 13,900 Euros) - setting the new world record for the Most affordable SUV.
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Dacia Duster, the world's Most affordable SUV, is available with a choice of engines that include one petrol (1.6-litre / 82kW) and two diesel units (1.6-litre / 63kW & 1.6-litre / 82kW).
The diesel versions emit from 135g of CO2/km (for the 4×2 version) and from 145g of CO2/km in the case of the 4×4 version.

Available in 4×2 and 4×4 specification, the light-weight Duster weighs in at 1,160kg and 1,250kg respectively; the Duster is based on a platform sourced from the Logan family and uses a wishbone (front) / multi-arm (rear) suspension arrangement.

Inside, the five-seat cabin is modern, uncluttered and functional, and offers seveal areas that can be modified with different colours and surface finishes. Particular attention has been paid to cabin ergonomics to ensure that the controls are conveniently positioned and that driving data is easy to read.

Active safety features include ABS, EBA, EBA, ESC (an option on some versions), CSV understeer control and Traction Control, while on the passive front, dual front airbags and three-point inertia reel seatbelts are standard. Depending on the varaint, and country sold, side and curtain airbags are also available.

The Dacia Duster is the cheapest SUV with seven seats on the market and will be sold under a range of brands including Renault, Logan and Sandero depending on the country of sale, and goes on sale in Europe following the Geneva Motor Show.

Like all Dacias, value for money is key, with the Duster offering plenty of space and equipment for the money - at over 4300mm long and with a boot capacity ranging from 474 to 1636 litres, it's a similar size to a Toyota RAV4.

Renault-owned, Romanian budget marque Dacia has proved a big hit in Europe with its range of value-for-money family models.
Dacia – pronounced Datcha – has been transformed under the Renault banner to the point that it has sold 1.25 million vehicles in the past five years, thanks to a cocktail of price, space and equipment.

Among the first customers to receive the new Dacia Duster 4×4 is the Romanian President, a very active promoter of another Dacia brand - the Logan model which he use frequently and drive by himself.

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Source: http://www.worldrecordsacademy.org/transport/most_affordable_SUV_Dacia_Duster_sets_world_record_101584.htm

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