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luni, 30 ianuarie 2012

Tolerance.ro: Serbia accepts a Romanian consulate in Timoc after numerous bilateral negotiations

re The Government of Serbia approved the opening of the General Romanian Consulate in Zaicear, Timoc, Eastern Serbia, a region with a significant Vlach (Romanian) community. The Consulate was subject to numerous bilateral negotiations, but until now Serbia refused to agree with the Consulate, Romanian Global News reports.

The gesture of Serbia can be one of sincere opening towards finding solutions for the problems of the Romanians/Vlachs in Timoc Valley or it can be just a singular action designed to convince Romania of the good intentions of Belgrade.

Asked by the Romanian Global News Agency to give a feedback on the decision, the leaders of the Romanians/Vlachs in Timoc welcomed the decision of the Serbian Government but underlined that a true opening should be followed by other measures like:
-ceding the leadership of the The National Council of the Vlach Minority which has been overtaken by the Serbian mainstream parties;
-the introduction of the education in Romanian language in the schools with Romanian/Vlach children;
-the elimination of all obstacles to rebuild the Churches of Romanian Ortodox Church in Romanian villages from Timoc Valley.

According to the daily newspaper Politika, the Government of Serbia approved the opening of the General Romanian Consulate in Zaicear, Timoc, Eastern Serbia and the Consulate would thus be available for citizens for Bor, Zaiecar, Nis, Pirot, Pčinj and Jablanički counties.

Source: http://tolerance.ro/portal/minorities/serbia-accepts-a-romanian-consulate-in-timoc-after-numerous-bilateral-negotiations/

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