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vineri, 6 ianuarie 2012

Tolerance.ro: Republic of Moldova calls for replacing the Russia-led peacekeeping force in its breakaway transnistrian region by an international civi

re A Russian military man of the „peacekeeping” forces serving in the security zone of Moldova’s separatist transnistrian region shot dead with a kalasnikov a local driving a car in the morning of January 1 for not stoping his car at a checkpoint on the bridge over the Dniester, Tolerance.ro reports.

The Russian ambasador in Chisinau, Valeri Kuzmin, declared that the „peacemaker” had to shoot the 18-year-old boy since his car was stollen, and he did not have a driving licence. The interior minister in Chisinau confirmed that the declarations of the Russian ambasador are NOT true.

Meanwhile, local residents organised a protest against Russian peacekeepers in the region. The protest was organised by the fellow villagers of the killed man. They gathered in front of the checkpoint and said they would protest until “the peacekeepers posts in the conflict security zone are removed”.

“The Russian peacekeeper should not have fired at the young man because he posed no threat to the people around,” Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Eugen Carpov said.

Moldovan officials consider that the Russian peacekeepers stationed at a checkpoint in a separatist region where an 18-year-old man was fatally shot have no reason to carry guns.
Also, the oficials in Chisinau asks the international community to support in convincing Russia to withdow the military forces and replace them with a civilian international mission.

More details: Tolerance.ro

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